There is a strange trend entering the world of yoga classes, dear friends.

The trend is hard to explain, but seems to be growing each and every day.

The trend is dudes who dress like girls. Specifically with these new and very, very, very weird Man leggings.

Here’s the part where I have to explain that I don’t dislike man leggings (M-eggings?) because I think they make you gay. There are plenty of situations where extremely masculine guys wear leggings. Football players often wear them, wrestlers, and uh… I’m sure there’s a third one. I don’t have a problem with  leggings because I think they are gay, I think they are fucking useless for yoga and that they make you look like you’re attempting to smuggle plums into the country in your underpants.  I hate that we live in a culture so F’ing politically correct I have to make this statement but I figured I’d get behind the 8 ball before I get comments telling me I’m homophobic.

How do I hate M-eggings?

Let me count the ways

1. There is absolutely no way to scientifically prove that leggings make yoga easier, keep you drier, warmer or any provide any other kind of benefit. If you want to make yoga easier, you need less material clinging to you as you go through your poses rather than more. Personally I don’t even wear T-shirts to yoga anymore because unless I tuck it constantly the shirt flies up into my face. I can only imagine how having to adjust my balls in some leggings would throw off your practice.

2. It’s hot in most yoga classes. Ever wear anything tight and restrictive in a 90 degree room? Holy sweaty smelly Batman. It is a fact that you are going to retain more sweat/bacteria/smelly if you have tighter more restrictive clothing on. So if you want to sweat more and wear leggings, you’re a half asser who should put on a plastic suit like my fighters do when they are trying to cut weight.

3. Girls think you look weird. I conducted my own little independent research this weekend at both my teacher training and my regular class. No girl I talked to said ” Oooh leggings make men look so sexy, I had to jump that guys bones.” You know why that never happened, because even girls think it’s weird when you wear leggings. No girl wakes up in the morning hoping she meets a guy who wears the same size leggings as her so they can share.

I think I’ve made my point, if you’re a dude, just wear shorts to yoga like a normal person. You don’t need yoga pants or leggings, and everyone else in the class will thank you.

Good talk.